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Career educator, newly-minted librarian, language teacher, cat mom

  1. she/her

  2. New York City, Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, ESL, English, History, Library Science

  3. I have always been deeply inspired by Middle Eastern/North African culture and have spent sometime in this area. I look forward to immersing myself in the richness of this beautiful culture with fellow educators who seek to do likewise!

  4. When I'm not teaching, I'm reading, watching films, riding my bike, or hiking!

  5. I lived and taught in Cairo for two years and did my Masters degree there...though my Arabic language proficiency only reached what I like to call "taxi cab Arabic" proficiency - basically enough to chat up the drivers who were also so curious about why I was there.

  6. I actually majored in French, and first came to learn about North African culture when I lived and taught in Paris and worked with the North and West African diaspora there.

Mina Leazer

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