Samer Ali

Physician, violinist, music director of Takht al-Nagham, president of the Syrian Music Preservation Initiative

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Kiran Ahluwalia & Rez Abbasi

Acclaimed genre-bending musical duo of jazz guitarist/composer & singer-songwriter

Institute Faculty


Haifa Bint-Kadi

Visual Artist, storyteller


Dr. Sylviane Diouf

Award-winning historian specializing in the history of the African Diaspora and West African Muslims

Dr. Maryam


Curator in the MET’s Department of Islamic Art, specialist in later Persian art and calligraphy


Huda Fakhreddine

Associate professor of Arabic literature at the University of Pennsylvania, author, and translator

Huda Fakhreddine photo.jpg

Kewulay Kamara

Finah poet, storyteller, multimedia artist, and lecturer originally from Sierra Leone


Faraz Khan

American Islamic calligrapher and artist


Dr. Jawid


Professor of Religion at Rutgers University, scholar of early and medieval Sufism, verse translator of Rumi’s complete Masnavi


Dr. Frances Pritchett

Scholar of modern South Asian literature with a focus on Urdu poetry

Potri Ranka Manis

Founder of the dance company Kinding Sindaw, award-winning poet and playwright

Potri Ranka Manis.jpg

Bushra Rehman

Poet, novelist, and cultural activist

Parul Shah_photo credit M.Arvelo.jpg

Parul Shah

Acclaimed Kathak and contemporary dancer and choreographer


Dr. Shawkat Toorawa

Professor of Arabic at Yale University, Executive Editor of the Library of Arabic Literature, poetry translator

Dr. Theodore Levin

Ethnomusicologist and professor of music at Dartmouth College, student of music, culture, and spirituality in Central Asia and Siberia

Faisal Mohyuddin

Educator, writer, and visual artist.

Faisal Mohyuddin photo.jpg

Farah Siraj

Virtuoso vocalist and Jordan's “Musical Ambassadress”

Esraa Warda

Dancer and teaching artist of traditional Moroccan and Algerian dance forms

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City Lore Staff

Raquel Almazan

Manager of After School Programs

Raquel Almazan-La Lucha Arts.JPEG

Dr. Amanda Dargan

Director of Education Special Projects and Institute Co-Director


Sahar Muradi

Director of Education Programs and Institute Co-Director

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Madeleine Roodberg

Education Program Coordinator

Malini Srinivasan

Manager of School Partnership Programs


Dr. Steve Zeitlin

Executive Director



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