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Watch information-rich video excerpts from past institute lectures, performances, and field trips, edited for classroom use, on topics ranging from poetry to dance to visual arts of Muslim cultures.

“Islam? Muslim? Islamic? Islamist?
A Discussion of Nomenclature” 

with Dr. Shawkat Toorawa

Dr. Toorawa, Professor of Arabic Literature at Yale University, discusses basic English-language terminology related to Islam, including “Muslim” and “Islam,” and how they are often misused and mixed up.


"The Persian Lyric Tradition: Rumi and Hafez"
with Dr. Jawid Mojaddedi

Dr. Jawid Mojaddedi, Professor of Religion at Rutgers University, looks at the rich and vibrant history of the ghazal through the Persian poets Hafez and Rumi, where Hafez is regarded as having “taken the classical form to its perfection,” and Rumi is the “maverick, subversive innovator” of the form.

"The Qasida and its Afterlives" with Dr. Huda Fakhreddine

Dr. Huda Fakhreddine, Associate Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, gives us a closer look at the Qasida, which is a poetic form developed in pre-Islamic Arabia and perpetuated throughout Islamic literary history into the present.

"Masters of Urdu Poetry, Yesterday and Today"
with Dr. Frances Pritchett

Dr. Frances Pritchett, Emeritus Professor of Modern Indic Languages at Columbia University, breaks down the powerful poetry of Ghalib, word by word, and shows how this classical poetry conveys lasting messages about love, death and the beyond.

Kinding Sindaw

Learn about the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling, and orature of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, Southern Philippines.


Islamic Influences in
Kathak Dance

with Paul Shah

Choreographer and dancer Parul Shah discusses and presents Kathak dances and their inspirations.


Tour of Untermyer Gardens
with Haifa Bint-Kadi

Enjoy these highlights from a virtual tour of Untermyer Gardens led by institute educator Haifa Bint-Kadi.

Virtual Trips

Met Museum Curatorial talk & tour of collections in Islamic Art Wing
with Maryam Ekhtiar

Maryam Ekhtiar, Senior Research Associate in the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, explores several pieces that demonstrate the central role of the Qur’an in Islamic art. 

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