Video Excerpts

Find video excerpts to enhance your and your student's learning. Explore lectures, performances, tours, and more from our knowledgable institute staff.

Opening Talk with
Dr. Shawkat Toorawa

Excerpt from Dr. Shawkat Toorawa's introductory lecture from the 2021 NEH Institute where he discusses nomenclature as it relates to the Muslim World

"The Persian Lyric Tradition: Rumi and Hafez" with Dr. Jawid Mojaddedi

Dr. Mojaddedi discusses the nuances of Rumi and Hafez's poetry

Islamic Influences in Kathak Dance with Paul Shah

Choreographer and dancer Parul Shah discusses and presents Kathak dances and their inspirations

Kinding Sindaw

Learn about the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling, and orature of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, Southern Philippines

Tour of Untermyer Gardens with
Haifa Bint-Kadi

Enjoy these highlights from a virtual tour of Untermyer Gardens led by institute educator Haifa Bint-Kadi