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K - 12 Lesson Plans

Explore downloadable lesson and unit plans created by educators for use in K-12 classrooms and arranged by subject area. Materials contain further resources and, in many cases, can be adapted for younger learners.

9th Grade as a Conference of the Birds:  A 9th grade "quest, inspired by The Conference of the Birds as retold by Alexis York Lumbard. After reading and exploring a childrens’ book retelling of the Sufi text The Conference of the Birds, students will identify their own weaknesses and ways to move past them this year. 

Teresa Lambe, English | Grade 9

English &
Language Arts

"Intro to Farrokhzad" Through a study of Forugh Farrokhzad’s poetry, Literature students will explore topics of translation, representation, authorial choice, and biographical/cultural influence. 

Joey Braccino, IB English | Grade 11 & 12

Book It: Stories from Muslim Voices. Students will be able to explore a collection of graphic novels from Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority regions in order to begin an exploration of this area and culture.

Mina Leazer, ESL, English, History | Grade 9

TITLE Students will interview a community member about an experience they had that relates to their Muslim-American identity and use the interview to write a short biographical narrative. This will prepare them to write a longer narrative based on a personal experience or an experience of a family member or community member.

Vanessa Aldrich, English Language Arts | Grade 7

Virtual Museum Exhibit Lesson This lesson will set up the students’ group project on designing a new virtual museum exhibit using existing art/objects, ones that they have already created, and/or ones that they will create. 

Andrea Beder, World Religion, History | Grade 11

"History of Southwest Asia Through Art using resources from the MET" and "Examining Our Personal Histories Through Objects." Beginning of year assignment where students present an object, with the purpose of teaching that World History includes objects and all aspects of daily life.

Michael Bienz, English, Humanities | Grade 10

Qyrq Qyz Dastan Transposed for Dance (The Epic Poem Forty Women). Dance as access to new cultures: Learn about Central Asia. Influence of Religion: Learn about the intersection of Islamic influence on secular traditions

Hannah Kerr, Art, Dance | Grades 9-12

The Arts
History & Global Studies

Students will learn of the culture and people’s contribution prior to the Spanish Reconquista of--but not limited to--the Iberian Peninsula.

Miguel A. Martinez, World History, Economics | Grade 10

Immigration stories beginning with the “Gilded Age/Progressive Era” into today. Covering the state standards regarding immigration and policy in the US and expanding on the growth of Islam during the early 1900s in the US.

Brittany Kavanaugh, World History, Drama | Grade 10

Focusing on poetry as performance and preparing students to give a public presentation of their ghazals in simulation of a community poetry event (like the mushaira).

Kendra Sisserson, History, English | Grade 11

Students see the continuing influence of Islamic culture and arts in Spanish language and culture through an interdisciplinary project with history, art, and even math teachers (all of whom are similarly engaged in one way or another in decolonizing the curriculum).

Sarah Monnerat, Spanish | Grade 11 &12

Students will interview a person in their family or a member of the community about an event in history. Using the interview, students will create a monologue that will be performed alongside their classmates in a similar style to Beyond Sacred. In addition students will create a Calligraphy piece using a word or phrase that really resonated with them or the topic.

Ruqayyah Simmons, all subjects | Grade 5

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