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July 12 - What is Islam, Islamic Literature, Pedagogical Choices
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Lexi Hartley (she / her)
Jul 11, 2021
I'm super excited to see Dr Toorwada's lecture for many reasons. My first, totally irrelevant connection, is that the story of the teach-in at Ithaca High School near Cornell resonated with me because I teach at Ithaca's other high school, the Lehman Alternative Community School, but I have lots of friends who teach at IHS so I know a lot about the community! As I mentioned above in the comment about the one-pagers, I'm thinking a lot about how to start my year-long humanities block as we start school the first week of September when I'm sure there will be a lot going on this year in the media regarding the anniversary of 9/11. Since I have a feeling that these documents were produced for the Ithaca teach-ins, Dr Toorwada's interview and these one-pagers give me an interesting place to start having students investigate why media is produced and looking at the impacts of 9/11 on our local communities. I also really appreciated the vignettes and the overall themes of the multiplicity of how individuals practice religion as well as the intersections (and nondivergent parallels) between religion, culture, art, and tradition. I think I am going to start my unit on Islam with these vignettes, and I'm wondering if they are part of a larger text. Finally, as Michael wrote above, I was intrigued by Dr Toorwada's points on the simplistic message of looking for commonalities and also on "jumping on the political bandwagon" vs creating a comprehensive curriculum. As someone who has complete curricular freedom, I teach primarily 20th and 21st century history (with lots of detours to give context of course!) but Dr Toorwada's comments pointed out the limitations of that approach. Finally, I love the idea of the professor who came in with "What I really want you to understand is that human beings everywhere at all times are just as complicated as you." This is a simplicity, but a nuanced simplicity, and a line that I want to steal for my teaching!
Lexi Hartley (she / her)

Lexi Hartley (she / her)

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