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Just 5 more days until my 26th year of teaching English in grades 6-12 is finished! Longest. Year. Ever.-- amirite? Next year I will be teaching 9th grade English and Contemporary Literature for 11/12th graders. My school is a prek-12 private, independent school with about 580 students. I have taught in traditional public schools and charter schools as well.

I'm a mom of 4: Rachel (26) is a Ph.D. student at Weill-Cornell in NYC; Clare (23) is a milliner in LA; Wes (20) is a restaurant manager; and Cliff (5) lives in my house rent free and makes a lot of crumbs. In my free time (I use the term loosely) I enjoy reading, reading on the couch, reading on the beach, and (most recently) Tik Tok.

Looking forward to learning from you this summer!

Teresa Lambe (she/her)

Teresa Lambe (she/her)

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