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Sahar (she/her/hers). I was born in Kabul and grew up in New York City and South Florida. I now live just a few blocks from City Lore, in the East Village, with my partner Nico and 2.5 year-old Soma. I have been with City Lore since 2014, first as Director of Poetry Programs and now as Director of Education Programs, and occasionally I still get to teach poetry. I love my work of bringing a decolonial and cultural lens to arts education in school and community settings. My past lives include leading NYC teens on local and global service trips, working in Afghanistan with local government and civil society groups, and writing jewelry copy by day while studying theater at night.

I am most excited about meeting you all and about digging deeper into this content (every year, I learn more, even when it's similar topics!). We also have a lot of new faculty and themes this year, which I'm very psyched about, including two dance workshops, Andalusian arts, a shakshuka cooking class, and, of course, doing all of this virtually for the first time. When I am not complaining about not having enough time to write/read/imbibe art, I am (usually) doing it. Or I'm playing Wingspan.

Something unexpected about me: I'm a pretty good snowboarder.

Sahar Muradi
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