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Why is it that the request to "share something about you..." can, at times, seem so paralyzing. After all, I know myself better than anyone. Perhaps it's a first impression thing, or the desire to choose just enough without revealing too much... or the ultimate power to reinvent myself to a group of strangers. Whatever the case, I have clearly overthought this moment.

So, here is the basic "me" in a nutshell - 43, of Swedish/Scottish descent, married for 15 years, 3 earthlings of my own (Maya, Malec, Minna), BFA/MAT - RISD / MICA / Glasgow School of Art Scotland, currently reside in Maryland, High School Art Teacher for 20 years, interests include: sci-fi, the 80's, pondering the great beyond/night sky/creation, Islam, art, fitness, striving to be a "renaissance man". I'm excited for this experience and hope that my future students benefit from the ripple effect of education.

Jeremy Lundquist

Jeremy Lundquist

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