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Hi, everyone--

My pronouns: she, her, hers.

I am an English/drama/Spanish teacher, currently teaching Spanish (AP, Honors IV and II—virtual all year…) and living in Bethesda, MD, just outside Washington, DC.

I’m looking forward to absolutely everything about the institute, including studying poetry, Andalucía, and calligraphy (I’m drawn to the nexus of text and art–in anything from illustration to graphic novels, or as here, where text actually is art). I am also eager to get to know all of you and learn together with and from you.

My “outside” interests are of a piece with the rest: literary translation (English/Spanish/Portuguese); theatre ---directing, acting; and lots of reading, with choices that may appear haphazard. Currently: books on medieval manuscripts, the Spanish Civil War, and a biography of Tom Stoppard. One thing I’ve actually enjoyed about lockdown is discovering all the plays made available through streaming. I hope we keep that when we all return to normal.

I like travel (I’ve lived in Brazil, Ecuador, England, Argentina, Costa Rica) and dance (which may be surprising). I’ve gotten my youngest daughter (the dancer) (I have 3 grown children) to teach me hip hop moves. But I won’t do them in public. Promise.

Sarah Alegría Monnerat

Sarah Alegría Monnerat

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